‘It’s A Melly Go Round’ – A Hand Stitch Workshop with Melanie Missin-Keating *New 2024


A three day course creating a handstitched keepsake book with Melanie Missin Keating.


Circles, what do they symbolise?

There is something complete about a circle, yet it continues, round and round.

The circle is a universal symbol and has many meanings. It represents the concept of totality, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, wholeness. It is the most efficient shape as it has no stress points as every part it equal.

This is why I love circles and developed a little book to demonstrate that.

However, it does not have to be a book and can be made into panels.

We are going to go back in time and use a Spirograph, as well as transfer dyes, Vlieseline, different sized washers, wire and hand embroidery.

Week One – Circles: creating backgrounds with hand drawn circular patterns and/or using the spirograph and painting with transfer dyes and transferring onto the vlieseline.

Week Two – Stitching onto washers, vlieseline circles, beads, wire, using different hand embroidery to create raised circular pieces.

Week Three – Apply the raised circles onto the backgrounds. Finishing off the book or panel with more stitching and use a soldering iron to create marks and patterns.

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19th Sept 2024, 24th Oct 2024, 26th Nov 2024




  • Sewing machine (in good working order)
  • Darning foot for free motion stitching (optional)
  • Cotton or Rayon machine threads
  • Chenille needles size 22/24
  • Embroidery threads stranded and Perle, different thicknesses. Wool, or other yarns that can thread through the eye of your needles are also good.
  • Small embroidery scissors & paper scissors
  • 1 metre of s80/240 craft Vlieseline (vilene)
  • Selection of paint brushes including a thin rigger (size 1 or 2), a filbert (size 4) flat (size 4) round (size 4) but don’t worry if you don’t have them.
  • Heat erasable pen (frixion pen is good)
  • Old Iron, Mat and greaseproof paper
  • Glue Gun/glue sticks
  • Soldering tool with tile or glass to burn/cut on and a mask.
  • Transfer dyes (disperse dyes)
  • Spirograph (I have one available to use)
  • Soft wire 1.25mm thick
  • Plastic or metal washers
  • Beads with large holes (pony beads are good)
  • Floristry tape

I can supply the vlieseline, needle, washers, wire, the use of my Transfer paints, tape and threads for £7.00 (one time payment for the 3 days) payable on week 1, to Mel.

Refreshments are available throughout the day but don’t forget to bring your lunch.


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