Needle painted Sheep /Goat with Jan Vincent *New 2024



This workshop is for those looking to build on their existing skills or an enthusiastic beginner.  We will be making a 2D picture of either a goat or a sheep using various types of coloured wool.  Both are flat 2D felting with lots of colour blending and layers, with a combination of flat felting and long fur techniques with the addition of wool locks to add interest and texture. Please remember that felting is a forgiving craft and mistakes can be easily removed it is mindful and enjoyable.

We will begin by transferring the pattern to the felt using a heat transfer pen. We will then felt the background before looking at eyes and noses and the colours used, followed by blending and colour mixing to achieve blends for the face.  We will also look and discuss how to use the wool locks to create the longer wool coat.

I have used a 12-inch square frame with an 8-inch square aperture mount to allow the locks to spill over the mount.  They are both framed without glass.

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1st November 2024, 11th October 2024




I will supply wool, felt, needles and foam blocks as follows, if required:

Foam block £3.00

Felt for background, coloured wool, locks, needles and patterns £12,00.

Please bring with you the following:

Small sharp scissors flat or curved

Heat transfer pen and small iron if you have one

Straight pins


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