Happy New Year !!

And what a year 2021 worked out to be! I am pleased we were able to reschedule the majority of workshops – at the time it felt a little daunting booking up the studio so far in advance but students and tutors made it as easy as possible to do so. I think we only had one cancellation from a tutor due to Covid so by my reckoning that’s pretty good going. As the first few months were spent alone it felt like an explosion of creativity from June onwards and its only in these last few days I have been able to sit back and reflect on such a crazy year!

I aim to tackle 2022 with pretty much the same approach although if we do have to hibernate once more in the next few months I am going to use the time to devise a couple of new in- person workshops, rather than sending out the project boxes in quite the same numbers ! Thank you to everyone who supported me by purchasing one – they kept me going at the beginning of the year and the contact with students and like minded people was precious at a time I think we all felt isolated and nervous for the future.

If we do need to cancel because of government restrictions you will be offered a new date or a full refund.

So looking ahead I have been busy enlisting lots of new fabulously talented artists who are willing to share their talents and knowledge with us. Elm Farm is still predominantly a Textile Learning Hub, with hand stitch taking more of a star role in 2022 – alongside machine embroidery, but I have also tried to deliver a slightly more broader choice and booked in Eco Printing, Illustration and water colour, Geli Print journaling, bag construction, Resin and Mosaic to name but a few!

New to Elm Farm in 2022 is :

Nigel Cheney, Jo Mabbutt and Debbie Lyddon, Nikki Parmenter and Jo Firth-Young and Paula Watkins. Some of these workshops have only just been finalised so there are spaces and where there are not do email me to be put on the waiting list as people’s commitments do change and cancellations open up spaces for people.

I am still offering longer machine embroidery courses and whilst Design 4 Stitch is showing as full I do run a waiting list in case people’s plans change, so do contact me for more information if a longer design course is something that you are interested in commiting to from Sept 2022. The link is here for the info: https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/design-for-stitch-a-ten-day-course-over-a-year/

I am looking forward to the return of the groups in January – FTT and Elm Farm Collective. This term the focus is on ‘Abstract Textiles’ and I am looking forward to seeing which direction individuals choose to take under this title. The emphasis with both groups is very much of self development but with mentoured guidance under the wing of group support. There are normally eight or nine studio days a year. If you are interested in joining in the future (there is enrollment per term with a new project) then do get in contact.

Listed below are workshops with spaces through to end of Mid May 2022. Alongside each workshop is the link direct to the website for more information and to book. If you have not used your £5 Xmas Voucher and would like to use it, contact me direct to book.

Workshop Name/Tutor

Date 2022SpacesLink to course Info/book
Acrylic Birds with Marie Antinou 26th February1https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/impressionistic-birds-in-acrylic-with-marie-antoniou/
UFO Day Patchwork and Quilting Day with Jane Marshall – £40 – any project brought.27th January 4https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/sit-and-stitch-quilting-and-patchwork-ufo-day-with-jane-marshall-new-2022/
Moth on a Cloth with
Melanie MissinKeating
Sat 12th March 2https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/moth-on-cloth-with-mellymade-designs-new-2022/
Tote Bag with Stella10th and 11th March 2https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/timeless-tote-bag/
Strips that Sizzle – Quilting
With Janet Goddard
18th March1https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/strips-that-sizzle-quilt-with-janet-goddard-new-for-2022/

Gold Work Bug/dragonfly
with Wendy Mansfield
30th March or
3rd May
1 & 3https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/contemporary-gold-work-beetle-dragon-fly-with-wendy-mansfield-new-for-2021/
Hand Stitched Portraits with Emily Jo Gibbs6th April
Fused Glass Stand with
Fenella Miller
21st May

A Little Book of Favourite Things with Melanie 22nd and 23rd April 5https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/my-book-of-favourite-things/
Colour Stories with Kate Green – Painting.5th and 6th May 2https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/colour-stories-with-kate-green/
Curved Pieced Quilt with Janet Goddard4th May 5https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/curved-piecing-orange-peel-quilt-with-janet-goddard-new-2022/
Bird Panel with Suzette
Smart – FME
17th and 18th May2https://alexandrawaylett.com/product/mixed-media-bird-panel-with-suzette-smart/
‘Putting On The Glitz’ – Workshop Mary Mcintosh Sat 30th May. Details to follow.