March – Sept 2020

List is for all workshops with availability March up to 1st Sept 2020 at Elm Farm Studio . Workshops are always being added and workshop numbers change too, so do email me if you are interested in a particular one. You can book through the website, once you have located the workshop you are interested in, or you can drop me an email: [email protected]

Hope to see you soon!

Beginners Sewing Course (five dates)\
14th Sept Vicki Walsh6
Botanical Illustrations
3rd JuneElla Johnston2
Geometric bug illustrations
22nd JulyElla Johnston1
Mixed Media watercolour techniques (flowers)
27th MarchHelen Rubinstein0
Flamingo illustrations. AFTERNOON
9th AprilElla Johnston1
Collages and Birds
5th and 6th JuneAnne Kelly 1
Ailes de Papiere Hand Stitch
 15 June Karen Ives 3
Patchwork – Beach huts
22 April and 6th MayJane Marshall1
Pears on Grey Board. Illustration
7th SeptJanie Pirie4
Happy Harbours Mixed media/painting
24th AugSarah How1
MellyMade Fabric Bowls
1st JulyMel Missin keating3
Kaleidescope Landscapes (Hand and Machine Stitch)
29th and 30th JuneDot Ronaldson6
Magical Gardens (Acrylic Painting)
1st SeptSarah Howes1
Fabric Bowls (Machine Stitch )
 1st July Melly Made 3
Waxed Surface Exploration
28th and 29th AugArmajeet K Nandhra1